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Beautiful Moss Lake!


What's the WEATHER like at Moss Lake?

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About the Lake

Hubert H. Moss Lake, a local school superintendent and the lake is named in his memory. Known simply as Moss Lake is located about 12 miles northwest of Gainesville, Texas. This secluded, sparsely populated lake is a great fishing, boating, or water sports lake. The rolling hills, lush scenery and abundant wildlife make Moss Lake a perfect getaway for nature lovers. With the serene surroundings, ability to own the shoreline and nearby amenities, Moss Lake is a great option for a year-around or vacation home.


Moss Lake has many beautiful homes dotting it’s shoreline or interior properties that can offer a great view. If you are looking for a new place to call home, you will find a mixture of cottages, traditional lake houses and custom homes here!


Just in case you were wondering, Moss Lake is not mossy at all, as the name might imply. Its waters are clear and clean, some of the best in Texas. On summer days, after not having rain for a few weeks, the clarity is so good you can see your toes while floating on your favorite water toy! Come enjoy this beautiful lake, just a short drive from Dallas, Ft. Worth, or Oklahoma City!


Moss Lake City Ordinance Document in a PDF file format.

Nothing better than a proud kid with a big fish!

More Details About Moss Lake:

​I heard my neighbor mention a City Ordinance, can you get me a copy?


Here's the PDF for the City Ordinance  It should open on your computer.

Are there any rules governing Moss Lake?

The city of Gainesville has elected leaders and appointed staff that decide the conduct and policies of Moss Lake. These rules help everyone stay safe and keep the water of Moss Lake clean. Please see their web site for details. Or use their "Search" to find any other information about Moss Lake.


How deep is Moss Lake?     Maximum depth: 68 feet

​How many acres is Moss Lake?  There are 1,140 surface acres

What kind of fish are in the lake?

Moss Lake is a fun lake to fish. There are many coves and secret fishing holes to discover. You'll find largemouth bass, spotted bass, crappie, white bass and flathead and a variety of catfish. Not to forget sunfish (bluegill), carp and lots of minnows.

Are there BIG fish in Moss Lake?

With a record yet to be beat, Paul Dhane caught the biggest largemouth bass at Moss Lake, it weighed 13.25 lbs. and was 27.63 inches long.

Some other whoppers caught:  Jeffrey McKinzie in September 8, 1994 lured in a common carp that weighed 14.25 lbs. and was 33 inches long. Not to be outdone, on May 8, 2010, Cynthia Ward with a rod and reel caught a flathead catfish, weighing in at 51.70 lbs. and was 45 inches long!​  While bow fishing, Jeffrey Zimmerer, landed a blue catfish that weighed in at 59.30 pounds and was 46 inches long ... now that's a fish!

For other record fish caught and the most recent updates, please visit THE STATE WEBSITE.

What type of cover and structure is there for fish?

There is standing timber in the upper part of both creek arms and about 150 acres of submersed aquatic vegetation. There are submerged creek channels, a standing bridge (old FM1201) along with scattered boat houses that make great places to cast your line.​


Is the lake ever stocked with fish?

Yes, it has had fairly regular stocking since 1977 according to the  tpwd state website. Please see the latest fish stocking data on their site:

When was the lake completed?​

Completed in 1966, the dam, which is 1,460' long and 96' high, is an earthen structure coated with a thick layer of rip rap rock.

What about the fluctuation in the lake level?

According to THIS STATE WEBSITE, the fluctuation is modest. The lake is feed by two creeks, the north and south forks of Fish Creek. The "Morning Glory" pictured to the left works like a drain plug to release water when it reaches full capacity.

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